The Champagne Pot- Black

The Champagne Pot- Black
Item# the-champagne-pot-black

Product Description

"The Champagne" pot was inspired by "The Queen" armchair and "The Prince" ottoman. This whimsical pot is versatile in function and can be used as a planter or a champagne bucket. "The Champagne" pot is the size of a traditional fichus tree planter. Hey, maybe if you plant an empty champagne bottle, you'll get a bubbly bush! Whatever you choose, feel free to experiment with your own boozy green thumb. As with its inspiration pieces, "The Champagne" pot will survive equally well indoors and outdoors. Each eco-friendly pot is made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene, constructed in a rotational mold. Choose from four bold, contemporary colors. Approximately 13" in diameter x 13" high. Sold individually.